Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

Above ground swimming pool decks aren’t just for adding functionality to your home, but they add value to your property as well! Selecting and building the right deck for your pool is not a task you should take lightly. Mistakes are often costly and hinder the appearance of your yard for that much longer. Below are three things to consider when building your deck:

Choose Slip Resistance

One of the biggest factors to consider with choosing above ground swimming pool decks is safety. When dealing with a wet surface, slip and slide accident potential increases significantly. A popular construction material of choice is PVC decking material that has a built-in slip resistant layer for comfort and durability.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

Color Matters

Regardless of your decking material of choice, sun exposure can heat your deck to painful temperatures. In fact, it’s worth noting that dark colors will always absorb more heat than lighter hues. If you happen to live in a cooler climate, a dark deck makes more sense as you can keep your deck toasty.

Plan For Shade

A swimming pool is meant to provide relief from the unrelenting rays of the sun. Before you have a deck built around your above ground swimming pool, consider where you can bring in more shade. For example, if you have trees in your yard, consider the placement of your deck to coincide with the location of your trees. Of course, artificial shade is also a possibility like erecting a pergola over a portion of your pool.

Your above ground swimming pool requires a deck for full functionality. The design choices you make today can truly make or break your pool. When designing your ideal deck, opt for lighter colors, slip resistant materials and build it all in the shade where you can keep cool!